Tonsil Stones Symptoms

Tonsil stones symptoms include:

– constant sore throat;
– a feeling that there is something in the throat that does not go away when swallowing;
– pain/discomfort when eating or drinking;
– bad breath that does not go away no matter how often you brush your teeth;
– white or yellowish spots on the tonsils;
– cough without an apparent reason.

Do tonsil stones go away?

Not all people who suffer from tonsil stones experience the same kind of symptoms and at the highest intensity. It is more likely for symptoms to get worse when you catch a cold or you get the flu, than otherwise. Small tonsilloliths may go away naturally when you gargle as part of the daily oral hygiene routine.

Tonsil Stones Symptoms – When to see the doctor?

You should see a specialist whenever any of the tonsil stones symptoms mentioned above becomes bothersome and causes personal discomfort. You should not postpone seeing the specialist on account of self-confidence that you can treat at home.

Natural ways to reduce the intensity of symptoms:

– Salt water gargles work wonders for the health of the tonsils. Salt is a local disinfectant, killing bacteria and preventing the formation of more tonsilloliths.

– Cleaning the nose with natural sprays and herbal solutions reduces mucus secretion that favors the formation of tonsilloliths. The healthier the sinuses, the better your throat will feel. Types of herbal remedies for post-nasal drip that also alleviate sore throat include:

essential oil extracts of thyme, eucalyptus, fir tree, pine and lavender used in steam baths;
disinfectant nasal sprays and aerosols.

– Mix 5 drops of propolis in 1 spoonful of honey. Keep it in the mouth, and slowly swallow it to make sure that it sticks to the tonsils. Honey has a soothing effect on the tonsils and propolis represents one of the most powerful antibacterial and anti-microbial agents in nature.

– Chew or suck on a glove of garlic (it has a disinfectant and local anesthetic effect).

All of the above represent natural approaches to eliminate the discomfort in the tonsils. They do not represent direct treatments for the elimination of tonsil stones. These natural remedies can be used in support of anti-tonsilloliths treatments, due to their soothing and healing effect.

Medical relief for symptoms

Oral medication

Antibiotics eliminate the infection in the tonsils, particularly since the formation of tonsilloliths is favored by tonsillitis episodes.
Anti-histamines reduce the mucus secretion and the post nasal drip that causes the appearance of tonsilloliths.

Manual removal of the tonsil stones provides instant symptoms relief. However, it is best that the procedure be performed by a health care provider than at home.

Doctors are usually reluctant to recommend it but Tonsillectomy or the surgical removal of the tonsils represents the ultimate treatment for highly severe tonsil stones symptoms.