Stye Eye Camping Catastrophe

This article provides information about a stye and how to get rid of an eye stye. I will never forget the first time I experienced an eye stye. I was on a camping trip in a mostly forested area. The first couple of days everything was fine until the night of the third day my right eye was really hurting and it was affecting my vision. The two previous days we had been doing a lot of hiking and sporting activities. We had spent the days totally outdoors except for when we slept in our tents. Since we were with friends that we hadn’t seen in a while we were staying up late at night as well.

The stye totally ruined the camping trip. I tried to continue with the planned activities, but it was constantly annoying me, it was starting to swell up more and become very red. The camping trip was over for me and I went home to rest my eye. It turned into what looked like a large pimple on my eyes, and it continued to be painful. Finally, on the sixth day it busted and the infection came out. I couldn’t believe how it took a week to totally get back to daily life. Be very careful if you ever have a stye and have to drive because it can seriously affect your vision. So hopefully some of this information can help you if you ever happen to get one of these as well.

As always this is not intended to be any type of medical advice. This is just something that happened to me. You should always consult your doctor before any treatment.

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