Most Common Causes of Pain in Lower Left Abdomen

Do you suffer from pain lower left part of your abdomen?  How frequent? 

One or twice of abdominal pain is tolerable but if you feel like it’s more than just a pain, then you need to immediately check with your doctor.  The pain in lower left abdomen can mean anything.  But as an overview, it can be a sign of a serious health problem.

Pain in lower left abdomen is more prevalent among women, young and adults.  The pain can be hardly noticeable but most of the time, abdominal pain is gruesome and it lasts for several hours.  In serious cases, the patient needs to be taken to hospital for immediate medical attention for it could not be an ordinary pain.

Possible Causes of Pain in Lower Left Abdomen

There are many causes of pain the lower left of the abdomen.  The most common reasons are diverticulitis, kidney infections, kidney stones, constipation, and irritable bowel movement syndrome.  The degree of pain depends on the condition and its severity.  Just like in the case of diverticulitis.   Diverticulitis is a health condition in a rupture is formed in the diverticulitis, an area in the colon.  It results from the infection that is accumulated by the tissues surrounding the colon.  Diverticulitis is a common disease in western countries such as the US and the disease becomes severe as you age.  In the country, almost half of the population age 60 and above have Diverticulitis.

Kidney stone and kidney infections are diseases that you must not ignore. If your abdomen is always aching especially when you urinate, then there could be something wrong with either your gall bladder or kidneys.  You need to consult a physician to medically examine your health.  You will be asked to describe what the pain feels like, how long does it usually takes for the pain to subside, and how often do you experience the pain.  The exam may come with ultrasound for the doctor to see if there is something wrong with some of your body organs which relate to the pain.

Usually, the organs that cause pain the lower left abdomen are:    The Spleen, left edge of the liver, tail of the pancreas, stomach; left half of the transverse colon or large intestine, descending colon, Sigmoid colon, left Adrenal gland, left Kidney, left fallopian tube in women, etc.  Never ignore such pain.  If everything’s normal then you would have not experienced it.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.