Jalapenolujah: Spicey Secret Remedy for a Sore Throat

Use this spicy secret weapon against your next stubborn sore throat symptom and in no time your pains will be eraticated!

It’s that time of the year again and Halloween is just around the corner.

In a random, totally off the topic conversation, let’s talk about the cold and flu season.

I haven’t had a cold in quite a while where I also had an accompanied sore throat.

It may have been a few years around this time that when I did have a cold, I was looking for a remedy to my sore throat problem. I could have simply gone to the store and bought a bottle of Sucrets and been done with it. Then my time was short and I was quite a ways away from a store.

I was working in a restaurant in those days and I was feeling a little well. I decided to brave the cold and went into work even though I still had a pain in my throat.

I scanned the product line we had trying to find something that may help relieve my symptoms. “Starve a cold. Feed a fever.” I was thinking. But what sense did that make? If I have a cold I should eat something that can help put my immune system in balance and try to remedy my problems. Well, being that I was in more annoying pain than I wanted, I tried to use my logic when deciding what would help my throat pain.

I took a look at the vegetables that we had to serve.


Nah, they are kinda fruity I’d think it would just make things worse.


Nah too salty.


Maybe…I know cucumbers to be a great healing food, yet not in the sense that I was looking for.

I wanted something that would at least numb the pain I was experiencing like a throat lazange. Then it hit me!

I glanced at the Jalapeno pepper bucket (sorry I don’t have that cool n with a squiggly line over it on this keypad) and thought” I know it’s a bit spicy but what if this does numb the pain for a while? Let’s find out..”

I took one slice of the jalapeno from the bucket and bravely popped it into my mouth and chewed. Then swallowed. I usually don’t eat jalapenos without some sort of cheese or chips like on nachos or in a burrito, so I experienced the burn on my tongue to be a bit stronger than usual.

Just as I suspected! The Jalapeno worked!

In less than 2 minutes the pain I had in my throat was being neutralized by the burning from the jalapeno seeds and juice.


I didn’t have the pain back for the rest of the season! It was as though I had found a secret cure…

…about two years later I had another cold. Same bug same symptoms. The whole town had it.

I had remembered the jalapeno trick from a while earlier and thought” Maybe it was just a fluke.Maybe I was at the end of the symptom and it went away on it’s own.”

Sure enough, right after I swallowed that little piece of spicy pain killer, my throat problem was eraticated!

I knew I had a little home remedy to put into my archive of home cures, and I am glad to share it with anyone that may want to try.

Since then, I have been keeping clear of the cold and flu bugs and haven’t had to try my pepper pain pill, yet Whenever I talk to people about their throat pains I tell them about my story and they try it. Usually they tell me later,” Hey that was some thing, I had just one slice and my throat pain was gone…thanks”

Cool huh?

Or better yet,

“Spicy” yeah?

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