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Almond Milk

Almond milk highlights, among other properties, ideal for stages of growth and adolescence through their calcium intake. Almond milk benefit is obtained by grinding dried almonds, shelled and then mixing it with water. It can be taken alone or with some sweetener. The properties that we highlight here as well as nutritional information relates to

Review of Saigon Export

Ask most beer enthusiasts what kind of beer they prefer and you’ll probably hear about some kind of ale. Whether it be stout, amber ale, or the currently popular double IPA, beer lovers seem to prefer the full body and robust flavors of ale over lager. Ask why and you’ll more than likely be told

Beer Reviews Tuborg

I’ve been working away from home a lot lately – painfully separated from the delicious Mrs P. On the plus side (as if I need another), I’ve been getting more than my fair share…of beer, that is. Not that I would overindulge, no sir. There’s nothing worse than scooping up all night then working a