5 Natural Treatment For Herpes

Here are our tips for Natural treatment of herpes

1. Eat these food items for Natural treatment of herpes
1. Eat more vegetables. Vegetables are good for you if you are suffering from Herpes. They contain many necessary supplements and vitamins. Eat them raw, cooked or anyway you like.
2. Food rich in omega fatty acid are better for you, if you are suffering from Herpes.
3. A low sugar diet is better and so stick to it. High sugar will increase the activity of the virus.
4. You can also take Salmon, sardines, tuna, and mackerel.
5. Try out avocados and olives.
6. If you find milk products ok then use organic yogurt.
7. Garlic is also better in such a condition. Eat raw garlic or take a supplement of garlic in your food.

2. Avoid some type of food items
1. Avoid caffeine while you are having Herpes. Avoid chocolate, green tea, coffee, black tea. These will aggravate the situation more. Nuts are also not good for you when you have Herpes.
2. Smoking is bad when you have Herpes.
3. Raisin, gelatin, cereal grains etc are also not good for you in such a condition
4. Avoid L-lysine when you have Herpes. L-lysine is not good for your health as it may create problem with your immune system.
5. In case of Herpes, there is no quick fix. So, do not buy into the demand that something will fix Herpes in just few days.

3. Exercise Regularly
Exercise a lot to keep yourself fit to fight Herpes. GO for yoga or simple running or walking. You can also go for tai-chi. If you like playing try out tennis, racquetball or squash. Physical activity helps in keeping the virus in control. Exercises will make your body and your immune system strong. With strong immune system, you will be able to fight better. So engaged in a regular exercise.

4. Use Neem oil, turmeric powder
You can use neem oil and turmeric powder on the sores that appear. Both these two ingredients are also good for your health when you take them in the capsule form. Take these capsules when there is an outbreak. You can take these two every alternate day. These two will help you to reduce the sores and will resist the virus.

5. Avoid stress
Stress is very bad for you when you are suffering from Herpes. Manage stress with different ways. You can take up exercise, yoga, mind control techniques and other measures to manage stress and control Herpes. Take B complex vitamins, Magnesium etc to reduce stress. Try out Chemomile tea, propolis and lysine in moderate amount as they have anti stress properties.

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